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Cm - Shizuka pixel by AzureHowlShilach

:iconburninglightblueplz:Hosting a MAP:iconburninglightblueplz:

    Sup, fellas! Yeah, maye this journal will be mostly ignored. I've noticed that my abandoned YT channel has got about 20subs...for nothing?? yeah, I wanna bring back my channel, yet I don't have anything yet for speedpaints. In other words I'm thinking on hosting for the first time A Multi-Animated-Project (aka MAP).
The problem is that I'm not sure what song should I choose ('cause not only of the theme but because of YT new copyright system).

So I'd like to ask you to choose one of songs and tell me which are not working at your country:

1)  Exo - Wolf (Korean Version)

2)  Alexander Ivanov - Cross and hand (Russian subtitles with translation into English will be added):

3)  j2 & chroma music – immortal :

Lewis [PC] by FluffyNap

:iconburninglightblueplz:Stream with mic:iconburninglightblueplz:

  Tomorrow I'm thinking on doing a stream once again but this time no music and I'll be chattin with you via mic.))
Propable somewhere at 14:00 via Moscow time.


Pixel cm - Lewis by AzureHowlShilach

:iconburninglightblueplz:Project for 500w:iconburninglightblueplz:

Yeah, I and Kate are propably gonna do the video project that will be connected to our project. At least part of the concept of it.
In order to see the project all we need is to reach 500 subs/watchers via my channel (which will be faster) or via our comic group :iconillusion-comic:
The video might take a while 'cause of problems of multiple programs. I'm not gonna tell anything in order not to spoil anything.

Talking about the videos, if publishing MP4 files and making them run as the videos with pause button ect requires Core membership, then video will be published via YT channel but in private access.


Any questions, ask me via Note or at this web-site ------>

PCOM :dashathehedgehog by Ymia-the-cheetah
Yup, I just jot a Note with following text and I've checked my earnings.

Voided for nothing by ShizukaTW

And I was like "WTF are you doing?"

I mean c'mon, non of us broke any rules - I did P2U line-art fully by myself, I do have rights to sell it as long as I won't make the money of it (let's also take the fact that how can I make real money if I don't have any cards/PayPal/etc) but only for points which was my goal woth a tax about 20% from the communtiny, :iconkirikosoul: did bought it and used it if a fair way.

So what the fuck? I did check their Premium Content Terms of service but nor me nor Kiriko didn't do anything wrong. SO why my fair earnings were voided?!!

UPDATE 27.01.16

For the fuck sake, really??? I don't even fucking know on how to transfer points into the money!!! What the fuck are they doing?!! Where's the fucking logic?! ><

Voided for nothing 2 by ShizukaTW
Yup, just a journal supporting an amazing voice actor and singer 

Elsie Lovelock 

As she said in the video bellow she's open for voice commissions. Feel free to check her out.)

Here are some of the examples:

You might remember the accident with Yellow who commited the suicide because fo cruel behavior towards her? Well, situation is not indetial but familar.

Better read by yourself and sign the petition.…
Cm - Shizuka pixel by AzureHowlShilach

:iconburninglightblueplz:BACK TO LIVE:iconburninglightblueplz:

    Hi everyone! This is ShizukaTW and yeah - I got my laptop back!! :D
As it seems that the laptop was damaged by...itself? Oo Yeah, how weird wouldn't that sound, but it is true. I bought my laptop two years ago and back at that time such laptop with W8 was something fresh and the odd thing is that something inside the laptop is guarding it and was blocking almost all activity. In other hand I had to re-install W8 because it doesn't allow to update the operative system into the W10. Hopefully most of my files are saved. And talking about the files I'm gonna talk in the next topic.

Lewis [PC] by FluffyNap

:iconburninglightblueplz:Owned art-works:iconburninglightblueplz:

  Like I've mentioned in my previous journal I have to re-upload the information that I gave you before.
Due to the lack of time (also lack of motivation, laptop memory resources ect) I have to cancel/refund most of drawings.

Here's the list of the art-works that I WILL finish:
:bulletblue: Regular and 18+rated Art-Trade with :iconmidnightflaze: 
:bulletblue: Art-Trade with :iconcloudclipper:
:bulletblue: Art-Trade with :iconkommandant-nazir:
:bulletblue: Art-Trade with :iconghrian-heireann:
:bulletblue: Art-Trade with :iconelectra-draganvel:
:bulletblue: PC for :iconazurehowlshilach: 
:bulletblue: YCH canince Icons.

Everything else, that is not mentioned here from that list (EVERYTHING CLOSED/ON HOLD aka To-Do list) will be CANCELLED/REFUNDED.
So I ask you for your patience.
And my current art to-do will be AzureHowlShilach's commission because this one is one of the "heavy" ones and it's about 47% done so far. Believe me, I don't wanna call the programmer with an exuse that my laptop crushed because the drawing (the psd files) are about 200Mb each.
After everything will be finished I will NO longer accept any commissions/trades any time soon 'cause I wanna finally focus on the personal projects.


Pixel cm - Lewis by AzureHowlShilach

:iconburninglightblueplz:About "Illusion":iconburninglightblueplz:

Yeah, the project is NOT dead. We're slowly working on it.
I may be slow at coloring Kate's pages but because of numerous reasons. For example, working on the concepts, working parallely on one fanfic (mostly non "Illusion" themed). Mostly we're gonna redo characters' reffs. And the main reason is that we're inking in traditional way - with inks, ink pens, etc.


Shizuka Journal Doll by WastelandWolf


What is this topic for? Well... does anyone know where can I download non-trial Paint Tool Sai and MediBang Pro?

The next question will be for russians only.

Кто-нибудь, подскажите, плиз, где можно бесплатно без триала скачать Paint Tool Sai и MediBang Pro?

И заодно для петербужцев, где в нашем городе можно купить сетки перспективы? Очень надо и срочно!


Any questions, ask me via Note or at this web-site ------>

PCOM :dashathehedgehog by Ymia-the-cheetah


Daria Gromova
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Copyright Statement 1 by Sophibelle
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:iconshizukatw: aka :iconkeitarotgw:


My friends in no order:


Amazing artists/idols (for the rest of them look at my friends pannel bellow) :

You can find me at: - ( Dasha The Hedgehog )
Vkontakte - ( Dashenka Dasha The Hedgehog Gromova )
YouTube - ( Cruel979 )

My second account (mostly for playing older games that registradet on that profile


Stamps <3

Happy early B-day :D Shizuka-stamp by AzureHowlShilachCm-Aiden stamp by AzureHowlShilachTakishko-Stamp by AzureHowlShilachSirla-stamp by AzureHowlShilachB-day gift-stamp by AzureHowlShilach
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Have a nice day <3



ShizukaTW has started a donation pool!
4,319 / 5,000
I DON'T do commissions by comments!! Send personal Note if you want a commission.

BEFORE ASKING ANYTHING READ THIS -----> Art TermsOkay, since no one even pay damn attention to my art terms I have to type this journal so you mignt see it.
I'm already tired of spamming because of those who don't look at the information before asking AT, PC, ect.
Art-Trades (AT)
1) SEND NOTE if you want an Art-Trade. I'm no longer accepting them by comments.
2) I don't feel like doing art trades with people that don't have good art. I don't accept bases as an art trade and I don't accept scribbles as an art trade. It's as simple as that. That's why I refuse to do art trades with certain people... As mean as it is that's how I feel. Sorry guys
3) If you've asked for an AT then you have to do your part FIRST.
4) Try to give me more information about what you want in AT (mood, expressions, pose, background, ect).
5) DON'T RUSH ME, I have a real life too, and I do get tired after 8 hours of practise at lyceum.

You request from me point comissions, I'll draw for you.

Types of payment I accept:
- DeviantArt points
- Web-Money
- Yandex.Money
Before you commish me, make sure to read the following:
Before asking, please, read the Art-Status in the first place, if I'm able to work on new commissions, trades, ect at this moment.Send me a Note NOTE that includes all the required information (type of commission, numbers of the characters, flat colored characters refferences, background or without background, theme, pose, expressions, ect), I don't want to ask you about everything. Commission requests are will be ignored and hidden.I requre FULL payment before I'll start working on the commission.I have every right to decline a commission

And one more thing
:icondontask4pts1::icondontask4pts2::icondontask4pts3::icondontask4pts4::icondontask4pts5::icondontask4pts6::icondontask4pts7: cause I can't get them.




A Llama = 1 :points:
1 fav = 3 :points:
2 fav = 4 :points:
3 fav = 5 :points:
6 fav = 10 :points:
1 comment = 3 :points:
2 comments = 4 :points:
3 comments = 6 :points:
6 comments = 15 :points:
A watch = 30 :points:

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