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About Digital Art / Hobbyist Daria GromovaFemale/Russia Groups :iconshadowtw-and-animals: ShadowTW-and-Animals
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Inked non-colored drawing/page
AT with Electra-Draganvel by ShizukaTW
Traditionally drawn and inked with special calligraphic pens drawing/comic with your character.

The price goes only for one character. Extra character - half price of the original.

If you want the commission as one-paged comic please make sure to describe the situation/story, and take in mind that text sound effects are NOT included in traditional version. If you want to have the text on page then you have to wait till my laptop will be fixed.

Each extra character - 500:points:
YCH (Your Character Here) Canine Icons Batch 1 (read describtion)
YCH Icon Batch 1 (4 slots OPEN) by ShizukaTW
Please, read the describtion on the page of the deavination for more details.

Yup, in order to keep myself in shape and practice in inking I thought to accept on inking and pencil coloring Pokemons in semi-realistical way.

So yeah, I just wanna practice and keep "regular" updates on both DA account and VK public.

In order to get a slot feel free to leave these following instructions since I barely even know the 1st generation and nothing of the next ones:
- leave the name of Pokemon spieces
- leave fiew art-works/screenshots
- also don't forget to mention the type of Pokemon (canine/feline/insects/etc)
Yup, another journal (pointless maybe).

But I've been thinking a lot lately and I was wondering if anyone does care about the art-works that I post here (NOT the fan-arts)?

Most of you might have same situation, when most faved/commented art-work is just a fan-art based on game/comic/movie/etc. And in fact the original ideas of your own doesn't get that much support, as those fan-arts/recolored bases/traced arts/etc.

So I was wondering if somebody does care for the original art-works and projects that I'm doing?

Maybe I'm just having the stress or I'm just because of exhaustion but I had a feeling lately that I should leave deviantart. But I dunno.

Maybe I just need fiew months to have a rest, or it's just the community.
Yeah, first things first - happy late Halloween! ^^ ( at least it's late for me XD) 
True that I do have an idea for a gift drawing for such celebration, but I just can't find free time plus motivation on drawing was ruined in instant after some not good news. 


Talking about the bad news, do you remember this journal? ---->…

Well the fact is that I still cannot call anyone to fix the laptop because I'm still waiting the payment that I worked out for fiew months starting from August. 

And the fact is that our boss owes the huge debt. But excuse me, if you own 15 "lemons" (millions, if you didn't get it) to numerous banks then why the fuck are the employees have to pay your debt and give us numerous plans so we get overworked but without at least minimal amount of money atleast for one months to live?!!

They seems to think that if I come to factory and start to work at 8:30 a.m. till 17:30 p.m. (5:30 p.m.) as the slave for free, as if I don't have a family to care about ( and I don't feel like to ask my dad for money even though the factory where he's working pays him money for the operations etc after that accident with the eye... ).

The bad thing is that I just cannot just get fired and change the factory, because this place is closer to my home and you don't have such stric rules like in jail. Besides I've checked other familiar factories... These ones weren't any better... :/

So anyways here's the short info of the whole subject - in fact I cannot use laptop but instead I'm using the phone and it's functions are quite limited (I cannot post comments, I cannot make New Notes, I cannot send points - only things I can do is to make new journal, add to favs, reply to comments).  Sadly I have NO idea when I'll get at least enough money to fix the laptop, so please forgive me for delays on arts/commissions for favs or comments, for non updating some deavinations etc.
Please, forgive me for the lack of activity, but I still cannot fix the laptop. But I'm writing this to EVERYONE (no matter if you are the watcher or not), but please read the whole journal and spread a word to other members!

This journal is about a licenced android device's software known as Mobogenie. The fact is that if you do have this program then ask the sellers of the phone to delete that program AT ONCE YOU BOUGHT IT because that program is the actually contain the virus(es)!!

In fact I was (still) a victim of such program. At first it shows as slow responses of your device. Then the device starts to turning off and back on without any reasons. After that the social networks got various adds which are NOT removable via report buttons. And after these accident virus removed (or even now still removing) media files - music, videos, images (and by removing them I mean that those files just disappeared even though I do remember that I had those certain files and the fact that I DID NOT delete them by myself).

Thanks to :iconninjakato: I've installed Avast (since Dr Web is such a crap). And guess what I found after the scanning the system. Trojan, which was also in Google.Play program. I had to delete that program but still I think that the main source of problem in that Mobogenie which could NOT be removed in standard way.

Almost forgot to mention that if you connect the infected device with the laptop/computer then for sure it'll be infected as well. Hopefully I could remove that virus but sadly Kaspersky, McAfee and DrWeb cannot find that virus (at least I could find it by using the antivirus of one social network).

And yeah this is true. Another victim of that software may be found in Kato's latest journal about the thief apps, but in fact other victim of a virus had different incidents but still that Mobogenie DOES have a virus indeed.

If you're gonna buy the android device then PLEASE for your own sake ask the programmers to remove that software when you're gonna buy IN INSTANT!

Please, warn other members about that
Yeah, except laying in the bed due to health problems I have nothing to do.

AlI'm doing that mostly becausethe author is really talented and deserves more watchers. C:…


Daria Gromova
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Copyright Statement 1 by Sophibelle
I Dont Watch Back STAMP by Puff-DahhDon't ask stamp by izka197
Art trades With DECENT ART by AwesomeStamps ಠ_ಠ
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:iconshizukatw: aka :iconkeitarotgw:


My friends in no order:


Amazing artists/idols (for the rest of them look at my friends pannel bellow) :

You can find me at: - ( Dasha The Hedgehog )
Vkontakte - ( Dashenka Dasha The Hedgehog Gromova )
YouTube - ( Cruel979 )

My second account (mostly for playing older games that registradet on that profile


Stamps <3

Happy early B-day :D Shizuka-stamp by AzureHowlShilachCm-Aiden stamp by AzureHowlShilachTakishko-Stamp by AzureHowlShilachSirla-stamp by AzureHowlShilachB-day gift-stamp by AzureHowlShilach
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Have a nice day <3



ShizukaTW has started a donation pool!
4,319 / 5,000
I DON'T do commissions by comments!! Send personal Note if you want a commission.

BEFORE ASKING ANYTHING READ THIS -----> Art TermsOkay, since no one even pay damn attention to my art terms I have to type this journal so you mignt see it.
I'm already tired of spamming because of those who don't look at the information before asking AT, PC, ect.
Art-Trades (AT)
1) SEND NOTE if you want an Art-Trade. I'm no longer accepting them by comments.
2) I don't feel like doing art trades with people that don't have good art. I don't accept bases as an art trade and I don't accept scribbles as an art trade. It's as simple as that. That's why I refuse to do art trades with certain people... As mean as it is that's how I feel. Sorry guys
3) If you've asked for an AT then you have to do your part FIRST.
4) Try to give me more information about what you want in AT (mood, expressions, pose, background, ect).
5) DON'T RUSH ME, I have a real life too, and I do get tired after 8 hours of practise at lyceum.

You request from me point comissions, I'll draw for you.

Types of payment I accept:
- DeviantArt points
- Web-Money
- Yandex.Money
Before you commish me, make sure to read the following:
Before asking, please, read the Art-Status in the first place, if I'm able to work on new commissions, trades, ect at this moment.Send me a Note NOTE that includes all the required information (type of commission, numbers of the characters, flat colored characters refferences, background or without background, theme, pose, expressions, ect), I don't want to ask you about everything. Commission requests are will be ignored and hidden.I requre FULL payment before I'll start working on the commission.I have every right to decline a commission

And one more thing
:icondontask4pts1::icondontask4pts2::icondontask4pts3::icondontask4pts4::icondontask4pts5::icondontask4pts6::icondontask4pts7: cause I can't get them.




A Llama = 1 :points:
1 fav = 3 :points:
2 fav = 4 :points:
3 fav = 5 :points:
6 fav = 10 :points:
1 comment = 3 :points:
2 comments = 4 :points:
3 comments = 6 :points:
6 comments = 15 :points:
A watch = 30 :points:

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