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Jul 31, 2015
10:45 pm
Jul 31, 2015
6:55 pm
Jul 31, 2015
7:42 am
Jul 31, 2015
1:07 am
Jul 30, 2015
1:08 pm
Yeah, I'll try to keep that as short as I can.

The first topic is about that... well... I have a feeling that I'm being scamed in real life. What do I mean? First off my dad with an accident so he cannot see with the 2nd eye anymore, my grandma have problems with leg so she cannot even stand for a long, my mom with strong pain in the back and myself with a hand. I understand if 2 of us got problems within fiew months, but the while family within fiew months at once? But by scammig I mostly mean my problems at the work in factory. Not mentioning that I cannot get the money for already 3 months of work (but those scammers bastartd keep telling me that I already got at least money for the half of May. But sorry? Which money? I didn't get a single thousand roubles for the May), but also those bitches for a HALF a year cannot get me in their list of workers. Excuse me, why the fuck I have to work for free and without the employment history.

Screw that shit!! If the director won't come back as he promised and won't fix that bullshit then I'm fucking out of that place!!

Second topic is... well, not many of you might remember a comic project "Wolf Heart" that I hoped to work on but I quitted for some reasons. But lately I've been thinking about the two characters that I still keeping for myself but without knowing why. Well, I thought on selling Keitaro and Shikarou designs, but I don't know if anyone will be intersted. I mead those two ment really a lot to me and if not them then I wouldn't be drawing canines and other creatures now. But I don't feel like to keep them in a corner and not even using them like at all, besides they cannot be put into any other comics I'm working on 'cause they just don't fit them.

So I was wondering if selling those two characters is a good idea and if 5000:points: is normal price for each of them inclusing all art-works made by other members of them.

And the last topic. Yeah, I quite abandoned my YouTube channes and I feel bad for that. o_O *shievering* And yeah, all my recording and video editing programms are quite shitty since I cannot afford the licenced versions of them.

But at leat video making ones are quite working normally if that's gonna be a slide show or something (I mean not HQ/HD video of gaming and so on). And lately I thought to make the channel alive once again, but to try something different.
Most of you might know that lately I got a hobby of listening horror stories or playing/watcing horror games/movies ect. Well I thought on why I don't give a try to make the "horror" theme of videos like creepypasta stories or just other random scary stories. What do ya think? If course if you'd like this idea all videos will have english dubbed audio and extra english subbtitles due to my deep Russian accent, you know. 

So yeah, that's all news that I got, well working slowly on art due to the stress and the reason of the stress is mentioned in topic #1.
See ya next time, peace
Just read this journal and listen to the video.

USA: Your copyrights are subject change very soonUPDATE: As multiple people are saying THIS IS NOT A BILL (yet) but rather a proposal/inquiry. However, it is still cause for concern and just because it doesn't matter now in the immediate future, the conversation and discussions to come about it via the government (and no I don't mean like Obama's peeps, it's just a blanket term here) and the copyright office could very well make such laws come into fruition in the future. 
The hype over this isn't unwarranted. We've all been spooked before by things like SOPA and other assorted things of that nature. Those were pinned as hoaxes even though they were legit, just not nearly as substantial as people thought.
Although it sounds like some more kind of hokum pokum put out to scare people, this isn't a new set of knives aimed at artists. The same 'Orphaned Works Act' was put before congress 2 times a few years ago and failed/flopped. There's no doubt they're going to attempt the same thing eventually. 
The Future of Artist's Copyright Is Not At Risk!Updated Foreword: There was some confusion as to the authenticity of this legislation, but Brollonks brought it to my attention that this is indeed real, and provided links to the official government website that back this up. It is not a hoax. However, misunderstandings of the severity and implications of the report have occurred, which we can now clear up for you: No, there is no bill. But, yes there is just a notice of inquiry at the moment.
It will likely not affect us. However it is important to keep an eye on these things.

Again (to reinforce this point) we do not need to be afraid! As Homophones brought to my attention, the "legislation" is actually just a "note of inquiry". That means that it is a hearing where comments and opinions are invited, but no rules have as yet been proposed. There is no bill yet... t
Yup, fiew facts started tobother me fiew months ago, but I wasn't sure about it previously.
But when I got the premium there go even more questions.

So no matter if you are watching me or not but I have a question to everyone.
Do any of you had problems with those adds on mobile version of D.A.? (Not the app version)

And by problems I mean pooping out of nowhere various adds and when you click "Continue to deviantart" there's nothing happens, or when you try to for example click "Info"/"Fav"/"Comment" button there appears small adds window and it leads you to the site like "Check out these free adds" about line-the-three games, or even those adds just scroll down the web page and even if you try to scroll it up it keeps scrolling down to those adds preview. And in fact to remove those adds problems at least for a while you have to turn off the phone and then turn it on again.

True that I statred to get pissed off because of those accident for 2 months(?). But when I got PremiumMembership those adds were gone, so I just put away the theory that it was just a virus.

So if any of you had at least familar problems, please let me know 'cause I'm curious about those things. o_o
Yeah, I'm using my phone while I have a break for lunch (cause at the evening I won't be able to post this journal) but anyways I'm open for digital sketch with colors and soft shading (like in AT with Sandy-Nomad with their dino OC) for one month of premium Membership.

Only ONE slot. This might be first-come-first-serve, as long as the OC is not complicated that much (yeah, nmy hand still hurts like hell so please take that in mind).

If you're interested leave a comment

Also if you want more than one Oc then the price will be higher.
Cm - Shizuka pixel by AzureHowlShilach

:iconburninglightblueplz:Felling a little bit better:iconburninglightblueplz:

    Hi everyone! I've got some good news for you! You might remember that my journal about my hand problems, well at least for now I feel much better than before so slowly with some breaks for rest I'll start drawing and doing gaming streams once again. But still there're fiew days left so no hard work for me for a while, even though I do have some pain in the hand but it's not that hard and strong as before. So I will be working on the art and stuff but very sowly and the hand issue is only one of the reasons of that.

Lewis [PC] by FluffyNap

:iconburninglightblueplz:"Illusion" updates:iconburninglightblueplz:

    Yup, I and Kate were inactive due to health problems but this little break gave us an oppotunity to talk and discuss about our collaborated comic progect.
Yeah, the comic by the style will be close enough to "Marvel" and "Vertigo" styles. Also most important of all of this is that some of the chapters will be lined by Kate, some of them by me (example: Kate will be lining and inking chapters in next orders 1, 3, 5, ect, while I'll be lining and inking in this order 2, 4, 6, ect).

    Also I've been thinking on uploading comic not only page by page, but also the whole chapters themselves. The question is if it'll be .cbr files or as flash comic.
    If you'd like to read the comic in Flash format then we have to find someone who knows how to use Adobe Flash (yeah, I just have no time for studying Adobe Flash technics and so on, nor the money for the studying). So if you do or know someone who'd like to help us, please let us know. Of course we will credit that member for the great help.
    If you want to read the comic in .cbr format then it will not be for free download. The pages will be uploaded as the smallest versions of the original pages, when the .cbr file will have larger version of the pages. You might be asking: "Why the .cbr file will be non free for download when the pages are already uploaded?" The fact is that pages will NOT be uploaded for share and only for D.A. viewers only. And in order to let the comic be readable only to D.A. members the .cbr version will be on pay-to-download method. Don't worry, it will not cost 1000:points:, no. It'll cost much cheeper, what price - well we'll se what type of full chapter you want to be.

    Also this subject might interest you, so read the text bellow 'cause it's about features.

:iconburninglightblueplz:A chance to get your comic featured in "Illusion":iconburninglightblueplz:

    I thought to add extra credit page in each chapter of "Illusion" (not only to mention designers for some OCs' designs) to promote other deviant members' comics.

That extra page will feature 3 comic covers of 3 artists with their real life names and their usernames, uncluding their deviantart/facebook/ect pages to let our readers check other amazing comics.

If you're interested in this idea all you have to do is to spread a word about group :iconcomic-unity:. And depending on the numbers of the ones who'd like to get featured we'll make a scheme so everyone will get promoted in those extra pages from time by time (for example: if you were promoted on the 1st chapted extra credit page and there're only 3 members along with you, then you'll be promoted on the 3rd turn)

If you're interested, please comment and spread a word about this group.


Any questions, ask me via Note or at this web-site ------>

PCOM :dashathehedgehog by Ymia-the-cheetah


Daria Gromova
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My friends in no order:


Amazing artists/idols (for the rest of them look at my friends pannel bellow) :

You can find me at: - ( Dasha The Hedgehog )
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My second account (mostly for playing older games that registradet on that profile


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Have a nice day <3



ShizukaTW has started a donation pool!
4,298 / 5,000
I DON'T do commissions by comments!! Send personal Note if you want a commission.

BEFORE ASKING ANYTHING READ THIS -----> Art TermsOkay, since no one even pay damn attention to my art terms I have to type this journal so you mignt see it.
I'm already tired of spamming because of those who don't look at the information before asking AT, PC, ect.
Art-Trades (AT)
1) SEND NOTE if you want an Art-Trade. I'm no longer accepting them by comments.
2) I don't feel like doing art trades with people that don't have good art. I don't accept bases as an art trade and I don't accept scribbles as an art trade. It's as simple as that. That's why I refuse to do art trades with certain people... As mean as it is that's how I feel. Sorry guys
3) If you've asked for an AT then you have to do your part FIRST.
4) Try to give me more information about what you want in AT (mood, expressions, pose, background, ect).
5) DON'T RUSH ME, I have a real life too, and I do get tired after 8 hours of practise at lyceum.

You request from me point comissions, I'll draw for you.

ShizukaTW's Cms and PCms info (2015):iconnorequests::icontradesonhold::iconcollabsonhold::iconcommissionsask::iconpointcommishesonhold::icongiftsfriendsonly::iconnokiribans:
Types of payment I accept:
- DeviantArt points
- Web-Money
- Yandex.Money
Before you commish me, make sure to read the following:
Before asking, please, read the Art-Status in the first place, if I'm able to work on new commissions, trades, ect at this moment.Send me a Note NOTE that includes all the required information (type of commission, numbers of the characters, flat colored characters refferences, background or without background, theme, pose, expressions, ect), I don't want to ask you about everything. Commission requests are will be ignored and hidden.I requre FULL payment before I'll start working on the commission.I have every right to decline a commission. If I do so it doesn't mean I don't like you or your character. Mostly it's becaus

And one more thing
:icondontask4pts1::icondontask4pts2::icondontask4pts3::icondontask4pts4::icondontask4pts5::icondontask4pts6::icondontask4pts7: cause I can't get them.




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