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YCH (Your Character Here) Canine Icons Batch 1 (read describtion)
YCH Icon Batch 1 (OPEN) by ShizukaTW
Please, read the describtion on the page of the deavination for more details.

Offer-To-Adopt spieces OPEN (READ DESCR.)
OfferToAdopt Pt2 (OPEN) by ShizukaTW
A creature itself and spieces for sale. Read describtion for the information.
Sketch headshot (OPEN)
SAT with Midnightflaze by ShizukaTW
A simple sketch of your character.

Take in mind - 1$=100Points but with Commissions vidget 1$=80Points

Simple sketch (no colors) - 50Points
Colored sketch - 100Points

Payment via Donation Pool or via Profile ONLY!! NOT with using this commission option.
God dammit! How long am I supposed to see and hear same bullcrap from people?

I mean c'mon, if you don't know anything else to write to me exept: "Oh, you're copying SumikoOneeSan/Wolf's Rain, you sucker", "Get lost, copier!", "Are you copying Sumiko/Wolf's Rain?" then FUCKING STOP AND DON'T SAY ANYTHING!!!

When I see someone who's style looks like someone's else I'm NOT pointing at that!! Since when I have to hear those complainings towards me about my style?!!

There are lot's of people who draws in semi-realistic style!! I repeat SEMI-REALISTIC STYLE!!! WHen someone is drawing in realistical style do you complain about that as well and call the author of the art-work the copier as well?!

How many times am I supposed to point to you at teh fatcs that I am NOT COPYING ANYONE?!! Check the oculist or whomever so you maybe now will see the damn differences between our styles!!!

And now I'm damn out!! Sayonara!!
Yup, I should've uploaded this journal once it started, but when I got the clear answers I have to write it here and now.

Let me explain it so you might understand about what I'm talking about.

Back at factory I had and still I have to work on defective wax melting machine. The defected part in it is that it cannot hold the preasure in it enough long for me to work. So I asked Michael to fix the W.M.M., so he "did" it.
He did fix that but when I had to fill it with the wax I hurted my hand because I barely could open the W.M.M. Within whole two weeks I thought that the pain shall be gone, but no, also it seemed that I got some kind of tumor on my hand.

Today I visited the surgeon and he checked my hand. He said that everything is okay but for a while I have to barely use my hand and avoid monotyped moves, also to take some medicine. As he said I have an inflammation. But still I've visited enough doctors in my whole entire life so I know what their "okay" means.

So just in case to avoid any problems I have to barely my hand for an unknown time. And because of that I haven't been drawing anything at all. I'm sorry guys, but I just cannot draw via laptop while using only one hand.

Please understand that, and I hope that I'll feel better soon enough to continue drawing. Right now I just need to take a break from the work and drawing.
Okay, I've been quite patient and very nice all that time, but this is the last straw!

It seems that people don't even dare to read the artist's describtion, copyrights, art terms usage in the first place.

So I'll clear all things out.

Fellas, if you do NOT see something like this (:iconyouareplz::iconallowedplz:) then that means that exact deavination and the characters without this stamp are NOT FREE TO USE/REUPLOAD/COPY/and so on.

Besides whad exactly you do not understand in this following text when you upload/copy/ect my works WITHOUT written premission? (You may NOT use this image in any way/copy/edit/upload/recolor/ect without the written permission!! respect the copyrights!! )
Or maybe this one? What did you not nderstant in these ones:

Do not use unless you bought and payed it
Do not repost, recolour, redistribute, trace, theft, alter, copy
All rights reserved."

It seems like you are so fucking blind or whatever!! The only things that ARE FREE to use/reupload/and so on are GAME/MOVIE FAN-ARTS or SCREENSHOTS of MOVIES/GAMES.
EVERYTHING ELSE IS NOT FREE TO USE!!! That goes both and the art-works abd the characters!!

- "Oh, but I saw that art on Google/Yahoo/Yandex?ect, so it is for free"
That is NOT for free!!! Those web-sites are stealing art-works, uploading them without artists' premissions. And also everything that is being uploaded in the internet doesn't mean is has to be free.
I mean seriusly - why the fuck am I supposed to work my ass and get the freakin' hemorrhoids and other health problems just to get nothing in return for someone who is fucking lazy bitch? I maybe were earning money for the honest living and you just took something that helped me to get money at least anough for a small piece of bread.

Also about the characters. Jeez, kids, there're bunch of ONLINE character flash makers. Why the fuck do you use someone else's OC if you can for free make your own one online?
Haven't you thought that someone is propapbly an owner of this character and he/she doesn't like to see her character being used by scums like you? I mean c'mon! Everyones' OCs represents their owners themselves, and you just hurting their feelings just because of your childish act on fucking everything.

I know that you are such duschebags and pricks, but seriously... I'd wish I've could just kill you, but I can't because of your stupidity.

But for real, please stop such act about using art-works and the characters, it's not only OFFENSIVE, but it is actually a CRIME.


Sorry - video only on Russian language.


The full-sized video interview with Ivan Naumov about that accident - 

Guys, please, believe me, this is most shocking story I've ever heard! Believe me, I've checked the video itself and I was afraid and shocked!

I'll tell only the basics of the story in fiew words here, so maybe if not our government will help that poor guy, but maybe someone else will.

This story happened to Ivan Naumov fiew months ago and he is in despair, because he has to hide along with his wife from those who're spying on them wishing to harm them... but not only to harm them.

Fiew months ago Ivan and his wife changed their appartments. Everything seemed peacefull but the neigbours from the lower flat have been watching TV at high volume. So Ivan went on the upper flat and asked the neigbour, who was an old granny, to lower down the TW volume as nicely and gently as possible. The granny was reacting in a way as if there was almost no dialogue between them. So Ivan went back to his appartments but the volume still was high as it was. Fiew times he tried to ask her to turn down the volume but it was pointless.

Untill the other day granny's son started to interrupt those conversations, saying quite rude words towards Ivan, saying something like: "I will kill you!" and so on. After some time that son came to those apartments with a knofe and started trying to break the door yelling and swearing of killing and Ivan and his wife. Of course Ivan was scared and came to the police hoping to get some help from them, but one of the pilice-man was  acting very rude and strage as well.

One day Ivan saw that those neigbours from the lower flat came home with some strange people hat he haven't seen them at all while living here. And on the late evening he heared from a ventilation the talking of the whole gang from the lower appartment. And what he heared was the most shockign thing... Those guys were talking about killing Ivan and his family... but not only just kill them... The next time he recorded fiew times their talking via dictophone and he heared that those people were talking about the cannibalism, about the way they would like to rip Ivan appart and eat him. Also he managed to record the "chit-chat" that there were fiew victims who were eaten by those cannibal neigbours.

So after that Ivan and his wife are hiding and asking for help, because lately those cannibals started to stalk or even spying on them.
Ivan's asking for help, it doesn't matter what kind of help - even if that's a simple blog, or video, or message to the president - he wants the justice and live peacefully. He gave an interview showing those audio records of those talking of the neigbours and the proofs that that cop was among those cannibals as well.

This case is not the bullcrap that you may think of! We can't just let such thing happen to people. I mean - cannibalism in nowadays? Only because someone asked them to lower the volume of the TV?

This is not a joke! It IS a real story and it needs an attention of people!!

Just a small journal to inform everyone:

If you'll get a Note with a theme along with link to "free 12 month premium membership" or "free apps to make your browser faster" then DO NOT CLICK THE LINKS!!! There're viruses which ones slow down your internet and also run the apps that cannot be found by antiviruses!!

Here're examples - but I repeat - DO NOT CLICK THE LINKS IN ANY WAY!!!
Donotclockthelink2 by ShizukaTW
Donotclockthelink by ShizukaTW


Daria Gromova
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Copyright Statement 1 by Sophibelle
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:iconshizukatw: aka :iconkeitarotgw:


My friends in no order:


Amazing artists/idols (for the rest of them look at my friends pannel bellow) :

You can find me at: - ( Dasha The Hedgehog )
Vkontakte - ( Dashenka Dasha The Hedgehog Gromova )
YouTube - ( Cruel979 )


Stamps <3

Happy early B-day :D Shizuka-stamp by AzureHowlShilachCm-Aiden stamp by AzureHowlShilachTakishko-Stamp by AzureHowlShilachSirla-stamp by AzureHowlShilachB-day gift-stamp by AzureHowlShilach
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Have a nice day <3



ShizukaTW has started a donation pool!
3,298 / 5,000
I DON'T do commissions by comments!! Send personal Note if you want a commission.

BEFORE ASKING ANYTHING READ THIS -----> Art TermsOkay, since no one even pay damn attention to my art terms I have to type this journal so you mignt see it.
I'm already tired of spamming because of those who don't look at the information before asking AT, PC, ect.
Art-Trades (AT)
1) SEND NOTE if you want an Art-Trade. I'm no longer accepting them by comments.
2) I don't feel like doing art trades with people that don't have good art. I don't accept bases as an art trade and I don't accept scribbles as an art trade. It's as simple as that. That's why I refuse to do art trades with certain people... As mean as it is that's how I feel. Sorry guys
3) If you've asked for an AT then you have to do your part FIRST.
4) Try to give me more information about what you want in AT (mood, expressions, pose, background, ect).
5) DON'T RUSH ME, I have a real life too, and I do get tired after 8 hours of practise at lyceum.

You request from me point comissions, I'll draw for you.

ShizukaTW's Cms and PCms info (2015):iconnorequests::icontradesonhold::iconcollabsonhold::iconcommissionsask::iconpointcommishesonhold::icongiftsfriendsonly::iconnokiribans:
Types of payment I accept:
- DeviantArt points
- Web-Money
- Yandex.Money
Before you commish me, make sure to read the following:
Before asking, please, read the Art-Status in the first place, if I'm able to work on new commissions, trades, ect at this moment.Send me a Note NOTE that includes all the required information (type of commission, numbers of the characters, flat colored characters refferences, background or without background, theme, pose, expressions, ect), I don't want to ask you about everything. Commission requests are will be ignored and hidden.I requre FULL payment before I'll start working on the commission.I have every right to decline a commission. If I do so it doesn't mean I don't like you or your character. Mostly it's becaus

And one more thing
:icondontask4pts1::icondontask4pts2::icondontask4pts3::icondontask4pts4::icondontask4pts5::icondontask4pts6::icondontask4pts7: cause I can't get them.




A Llama = 1 :points:
1 fav = 3 :points:
2 fav = 4 :points:
3 fav = 5 :points:
6 fav = 10 :points:
1 comment = 3 :points:
2 comments = 4 :points:
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6 comments = 15 :points:
A watch = 30 :points:

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