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Yeah, as the title said I want to thank everyone who wishes me a happy Birthday! <3

It does really mean a lot to me! I cannot thank you enough, all I can do is just to say a honest and kind "thank you". ^^

Also since one of my friends is sending me a gift via mail (not e-mail) so it might take a while before I'll get a photo to feature my lovely friend :iconblendamend:. <3

Anyways I thank you once again and have a hug from me! ^w^ :glomp::huggle:

Feature of lovely gifts <3

Happy birthday ShizukaTW by LunaShadowsWolf
Comment below and I'll pick a character of yours that's I like the most and I'll write what I like about them! (keep in mind that if I can't figure out where you keep them, I'll look for the most recent one you have)

I will only add you if you first make one of these journals and include one of my characters in it, and so on.
Link on your own journal in your comment is required!

Also, I'll do only 5 slots....
(depending on how many people get interested - I might add few more slots)

1) Sheru__Character-sheet by Lew-LapinGris from :iconlew-lapingris:
Before I'll start explaining I'll tell ya that I'm not refferencing on FNAF idea.

So yeah, most of people prefer to make feline or wolf OCs, but fox OC, especially of the red foxes spieces. *W* Just look at amazing idea of making this guy so uniqe. Most of members are making way too sparckle characters, but this one with his own markings that make his so special. c: Also taking the fact that he's a pirate. X3
I've seen only fiew members who have quite realictical in pelt color fox characters, and you're one of them. ^^

:new: Headshot Trades are still Open :new:

Yup, I've edited this journal since th previous data options will never ever become real (I'm talking about the speedpaint).
But let's focus on other thing.

Since I'm new with new tablet's drivers I've been thinking on practising on sketches to get used to the pen presure.
So yeah I may accept only 3 sketch headshot Art-Trades and 3 same sketch headshot Point Commissions.
Example of sketch:SAT with Midnightflaze by ShizukaTWin points each headshot will cost 50:points: - The price is lowered for 50% (do not beg to lower the price. 1$ is quite cheap enough as the minimal price, so don't complain -_-)

Also if you want to do the Art-Trade first off show me at least 3 examples of your work. Why? Because by that I'll see who has same skill level as I do so the trade will be fair. BUT if you did managed to deal with me you HAVE to do your part FIRST, or else I won't work on my part because of such scammers who wants free art.

:bulletgreen:TRADES SLOTS:bulletgreen:

:bulletblue:COMMISSIONS SLOTS:bulletblue:
1) :iconazurehowlshilach: Snarling Kaitou - :points: PAYED   -   FINISHED
2) :iconkrystlekmy: Fred in cool/happy mood - :points: PAYED   -   FINISHED
3) :iconcylithren: Calm Vati - PAYED   -   FINISHED

Also I've been thinking on doing a group audio call with my watchers and suscribers at Skype. But I think that not everyone can afford or cannot just get for free games like TeanFortress2, Garry'sMod, games based of I.T. servers (like FeralHeart, WolfSoul, ect).

So I'll be glad to get your suggestions of the event so everyne can join. :)
Yeah, I have something to tell, and that is that I am really-really sorry for the delays with the art that I owe to you.
There're several reasons why I wan inactive since of 6th of February.

The first one is that since that day I started recieving quite offensive, insulting rude messages and comments from counrty mates from D.A. and from russian web-sites. And the most shocking fact was that at among those offensive pricks and cunts were my idols and the ones whoom I were respecting. And one of them even send me in comments very rude comment for no reason. That's one of examples why I do hate my country and inhabbitants of this country - because they're for no reasons get the shit on you just to show their "higher ranks" or whatever.

The second reason is that my laptop started bein quite laggy since of that day as well. Today I called a programmer for help, and he said that my internet and system issuses appeared because of Hamachi. Yeah, I know it sounds weird, but it is true. Once I deleted Hamachi, laptop started working just a little bit normal. That's why I want to tell everyone whoom I agreed to help with making I.T. servers like GoldenPawsXX, ImpressiveWolves and GuildTails - if the servers gonna be hosted via Hamachi, then I'll quit helping you with servers to avoid laptop problems in a future. Sorry.

The third but not final reason is my work. Yeah, since of 9th of February I started working at jeweler factory. Even thoug I work since 9 a.m. untill 5 p.m. I come back home very late - only at 6 p.m. or even 6:30 p.m. when I log off about at 11 p.m. In a fiew words I have about 4 hours on art-works, personal projects, ect not to mention that I may come back very tired and fall asleep in instant. That also slows down me a little bit, but at least Saturday and Sunday are my free days when I can freerly work on everything else.

And the last reason of my iactivity is the death of my close friend whoom I knew since of the medium classes in school... (some of you might propably know him as :icondantetw:) Fiew weeks ago he was coming back from lyceum, but he got in a car accident because of one drunk bastard. Medics somehow managed to take care of his arm, but then, as the other patients said, those medics forgot about Alex and went to other people who have much less and not serious wounds as Alex had back then. And agan back to that damn date of 6th (wich was quite very suspicious looking at all those incidents) I got a call from his mother and heared that he died... died at 2nd of February because of those wounds, mostly the bleeding. As everyone in such situation I thought that it was a joke, a mistake of doctors and medics, but the truth was cruel... he was gone... forever... The one whoom I knew fiew years, with whoom we were friends, later even became a couple but sadly not for a long time... This was the final blow for me to abandon my laptop for a while. I and my parent tried at least gave some money to his parent for cremation to be at 7th of February. Even seing his body after all those sufferings I still were refusing the fact that Alex actually did die. And once I came home I didn't use my laptop because I was afraid that if somehow somebody would say something that may a little bit be connected to that accident (like requests on being someones girlfriend, having a ride on car) shall turn me on rage or something close to in but towards the ones for whoom I care. Even now I try not to loose my mind because of this lost... 

The only thing I can say to finish this journal is... Rest in Peace, Alex. Dear friend, who was suporting me all those years...
Yeah, re-upload because the tagger insisted on me making the new journal when I had the older one but not filled one. Also no complaining, I got money only yestedray and I called a programmer only today to fix my laptop!! If you think that I'm rich ect in R.F. then you;re wrong!!

Also such comments like "sounds cool", or "coool" ect are NOT gonna be reviewed as request on being featured. If you wanr to get featured, then say so.

I was featured by :icontatiilange:

The idea is to feature the first 20 people who leave a comment here >u<
1. For each of the 20 first people answering this journal, I will put their avatar and the 5 deviations I like most from their gallery on the list!
2. If you're featured, you have to do the same in your journal, putting the tagger on the first place. The idea of this is not to get a free feature, it is to spread art around for everyone!

One of the ones who wanted to be featured were REMOVED due to cheating.

1) :icontatiilange: But home is nowhere by tatiilangeWrath by tatiilangeGhostlyspirit Sketch by tatiilangePlaytime by tatiilangeShepeherd of Fire + Video by tatiilange

2) :iconwolfstar113: Brutus sketch by WolfStar113The chase WIP 2 by WolfStar113Shy Leo by WolfStar113Snovija (Contest Prize) by WolfStar113F for Fenrir by WolfStar113

3) :iconzuko-kitty: Retaliation by Zuko-KittyHead Shots 'Creatures of Legend' by Zuko-KittyRandom by Zuko-KittyJayfeather by Zuko-KittyPinto  -Contest Entry- by Zuko-Kitty


Darya Gromova
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
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:iconshizukatw: aka :iconkeitarotgw:


My friends in no order:


Amazing artists/idols (for the rest of them look at my friends pannel bellow) :

You can find me at: - ( Dasha The Hedgehog )
Vkontakte - ( Dashenka Dasha The Hedgehog Gromova )
YouTube - ( Cruel979 )
Steam - ShizukaTW


Stamps <3

Happy early B-day :D Shizuka-stamp by AzureHowlShilachCm-Aiden stamp by AzureHowlShilachTakishko-Stamp by AzureHowlShilachSirla-stamp by AzureHowlShilachB-day gift-stamp by AzureHowlShilach
Ruuza-stamp by AzureHowlShilachKaitou-stamp by AzureHowlShilachKane-stamp by AzureHowlShilachLocin-Stamp by AzureHowlShilachLuna-stamp by AzureHowlShilachRex-stamp by AzureHowlShilach

Have a nice day <3



ShizukaTW has started a donation pool!
1,398 / 5,000
I DON'T do commissions by comments!! Send personal Note if you want a commission.

BEFORE ASKING ANYTHING READ THIS -----> Art TermsOkay, since no one even pay damn attention to my art terms I have to type this journal so you mignt see it.
I'm already tired of spamming because of those who don't look at the information before asking AT, PC, ect.
Art-Trades (AT)
1) SEND NOTE if you want an Art-Trade. I'm no longer accepting them by comments.
2) I don't feel like doing art trades with people that don't have good art. I don't accept bases as an art trade and I don't accept scribbles as an art trade. It's as simple as that. That's why I refuse to do art trades with certain people... As mean as it is that's how I feel. Sorry guys
3) If you've asked for an AT then you have to do your part FIRST.
4) Try to give me more information about what you want in AT (mood, expressions, pose, background, ect).
5) DON'T RUSH ME, I have a real life too, and I do get tired after 8 hours of practise at lyceum.

You request from me point comissions, I'll draw for you.

ShizukaTW's Cms and PCms info (2015):iconnorequests::icontradesonhold::iconcollabsonhold::iconcommissionsask::iconpointcommishesonhold::icongiftsfriendsonly::iconnokiribans:
Types of payment I accept:
- DeviantArt points
- Web-Money
- Yandex.Money
Before you commish me, make sure to read the following:
Before asking, please, read the Art-Status in the first place, if I'm able to work on new commissions, trades, ect at this moment.Send me a Note NOTE that includes all the required information (type of commission, numbers of the characters, flat colored characters refferences, background or without background, theme, pose, expressions, ect), I don't want to ask you about everything. Commission requests are will be ignored and hidden.I requre FULL payment before I'll start working on the commission.I have every right to decline a commission. If I do so it doesn't mean I don't like you or your character. Mostly it's becaus

And one more thing
:icondontask4pts1::icondontask4pts2::icondontask4pts3::icondontask4pts4::icondontask4pts5::icondontask4pts6::icondontask4pts7: cause I can't get them.




A Llama = 1 :points:
1 fav = 3 :points:
2 fav = 4 :points:
3 fav = 5 :points:
6 fav = 10 :points:
1 comment = 3 :points:
2 comments = 4 :points:
3 comments = 6 :points:
6 comments = 15 :points:
A watch = 30 :points:

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