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Chibi Commission
My New DA ID by ShizukaTW
Chibi Kino by ShizukaTW
WS Race Prizes by ShizukaTW
Chibi commission of one character with fiew shading layers with transparent background.

Price: 150:points:
Extra character: 80:points:
Yeah, three days ago or so I send a PM to the government about that incident with blocking on territory of Russian Federation.
And only now I got the response from them and due to that I came home tired I didn't understand most of things.
It seems that I need to find the providers and ask them to get the access to D.A. or something like that within 3 days or so.

Here's Russian documentation.






(Управление Роскомнадзора
по Северо-Западному федеральному округу)

ул. Галерная, д.27, Санкт-Петербург, 190000
тел.: (812) 5719566; факс (812) 5712731



Громовой Д.А.

Уважаемая Дарья Александровна!

Ваше обращение по вопросу ограничения доступа к сайту, поступившее в Управление Роскомнадзора по Северо-Западному федеральному округу с официального сайта 12.09.2014 (ID 659933), рассмотрено.

Сетевой адрес, указанного в Вашем обращении, сайта внесен в «Единый реестр доменных имен, указателей страниц сайтов в информационно-телекоммуникационной сети «Интернет» и сетевых адресов, позволяющих идентифицировать сайты в информационно-телекоммуникационной сети «Интернет», содержащие информацию, распространение которой в Российской Федерации запрещено» (далее Единый реестр) на основаниях, предусмотренных статьей 15.1 Федерального закона от 27.07.2006 149-ФЗ «Об информации, информационных технологиях и защите информации».

В целях исключения ресурса из Единого реестра хостинг провайдеру необходимо направить сообщение о принятых мерах по удалению противоправного контента. На основании такого сообщения Роскомнадзором проводится проверка сведений об удалении противоправной информации. После подтверждения этого факта, ресурс будет исключен из Единого реестра.

В соответствии с пунктом б) части 14 постановления Правительства Российской Федерации от 26.10.2012 N 1101 «О единой автоматизированной информационной системе «Единый реестр доменных имен, указателей страниц сайтов в информационно-телекоммуникационной сети «Интернет» и сетевых адресов, позволяющих идентифицировать сайты в информационно-телекоммуникационной сети «Интернет», содержащие информацию, распространение которой в Российской Федерации запрещено» на основании обращения владельца сайта, провайдера хостинга или оператора связи Роскомнадзор исключает из Единого реестра соответствующие доменное имя, указатель страницы сайта в сети «Интернет» и сетевой адрес (сетевые адреса) с указанием даты и времени исключения в течение 3 дней со дня получения такого обращения, либо на основании вступившего в законную силу решения суда об отмене решения о включении в Единый реестр доменного имени, указателя страницы сайта в сети «Интернет» или сетевого адреса, позволяющего идентифицировать сайт в сети «Интернет».

Также решение о включении в Единый реестр, может быть обжаловано владельцем сайта в сети «Интернет», провайдером хостинга, оператором связи, оказывающим услуги по предоставлению доступа к информационно-телекоммуникационной сети «Интернет», в суде в течение трех месяцев со дня принятия такого решения.


 Документ подписан электронной подписью в системе электронного документооборота Роскомнадзора




And here's translated via (there might be a lot of mistakes)


Office of the Federal

For Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Communications

North-West Federal District

(Office Roskomnadzora
the North-West Federal District)
Str. Galernaja, 27, St. Petersburg, 190000
tel .: (812) 5719566; fax (812) 5712731


Thunderous DA

Dear Darya Alexandrovna!

Your reference to the limitation of access to the site, filed with the Roskomnadzora in the Northwest Federal District official site 12.09.2014 (ID 659933) and considered.

Network address shown on your address, website included in the "Unified Register domain names, indexes pages sites in information and telecommunications network" Internet "and the network addresses, enabling the identification of sites in the information and telecommunications network" Internet ", containing information dissemination in Russian Federation is prohibited "(hereinafter Unified Register) on the grounds provided for in Article 15.1 of the Federal Law of 27.07.2006 № 149-FZ" On information, Information Technologies and protection of Information ".

In order to prevent the resource from the Unified Register hosting provider needs to send a message about the measures taken to remove illegal content. On the basis of such a message is checked Roscomnadzor information about removing illegal information. After confirmation of this fact, the resource will be removed from the Unified Register.

In accordance with paragraph b) of the 14 resolutions of the Government of the Russian Federation of 26.10.2012 N 1101 "On a unified automated information system" Single domain name registry, indexes pages of sites in the information and telecommunications network "Internet" and the network addresses, enabling the identification of sites in the information Telecommunication Systems "Internet", containing the information the dissemination of which is prohibited in the Russian Federation "at the request of the site owner or hosting provider operator Roscomnadzor excludes from the Unified Register of the relevant domain name, a pointer to the pages in the" Internet "and the network address (network address) with the date and time exceptions within 3 days from the date of receipt of the appeal or on the basis of a court decision to cancel the decision on inclusion in the Unified Register a domain name, the index page of the site in the "Internet" or network address allowing the identification of a site on the "Internet".

Also, the decision to include in the Unified Register may be appealed to the owner of the site "Internet", hosting provider, network operator, providing services to provide access to information and telecommunications network "Internet" in the court within three months from the date of such decision .

  Document electronically signed electronic document management system in Roskomnadzora




And now about where you can find me if I won't be able to use my DeviantArt channel anymore.   -
Facebook   -…
Skype   -   keitarotgw or there might be something like Daria Gromova    -   -


Yeah, while I have chance to use my laptop (looks like DA is not gonna be blocked. I still have no idea what a hell just happened within those 4 days) I'm making this journal with important information.

How sad wouldn't that sound, but I have to quit making Wolf Heart The Beginning at all.
Here goes several reasons to do so.

The first one is the lack of time. I have only 2 months of theory and 2 months of practice lessons for this year and then I have exams and maybe the searching for the work. Even now those two weeks were quite hard for me, especially taking the fact that I need to do my diploma work until the 20th of September, money problems, ect. So I just don't have enough time for 3 projects at the same time. I've decided that I'll be working on COTD and Illusion because I have enough time only for these ones.

The second reason is about the storyline. Currently I'm not satisfied with the current script of it. Previously it was supposed to be a fan-comic/animation about wolf Naruto characters only with fiew original characters in there. But the I've changed the idea of story but lately it looked more like Final-Fantasy+Shaman King in wolves style with small familiarities with the previous idea. Once again I've changed the storyline till the original and current one. But now I'm not satisfied with it as well. Even thoe if I decided not to quit WHTB then the whole story of 1st season would take for me at least fiew years to finish it. Besides The story would look kinda lame because of huge number of stupid talking lines, less actions, and same like story for each chapters.

The third reason is wolf species. Actually I've decided to give wolves magic powers on using different element, longevity same as humans, ability to speak as humans and using different weapons, having their culture. But it went to the fact that each species supposed to look a bit different that other ones, ect. And lately since :iconazurehowlshilach: have been updating some concepts in her own project named AzureHowl I found out that I got way too much similarities with her project. That's why I wanna quit my own - because I don't wanna ruin Shilach's amazing animated series and to be a plagiarist. Originaly it was her idea of elemental wolves, who live as long as humans who can speak ect, and that hew rightfull ideas. Besides I've started this project at 2010 if I'm not mistaken when I was just beginning on exploring the social net-works as the actual member.

I'm sorry for upsetting you but I'm just no longer satisfied with this project because of it's lameness. I hope you can understand me why am I doing this. But I can say fr sure that I'm not gonna quit COTD (it might take a while when I'll continue working on it, since I and my friend have to RP some part of the story wich are quite important and at the beginning), and currently I want to focus on collab-comic Illusion along with my friend :iconblendamend:. While the progress of the next page is slow, we're re-scripting the whole season because of some main female character changes, making some concepts of it.

And now about WHTB characters. Since I'm in need of points for some important reason I'm selling my WHTB character (all exept Keitaro and Shikarou and Chika because I thought to use them as species in other project/s).

You can find them here and the prices for regular wolves is 100:points:, for guardian wolves is 200:points: because of their complicated anatomy design.

Comment here if you wanna buy any of the characters.

WHTB Characters for SALE (OPEN) by ShizukaTWWHTB: Makoto Profile by ShizukaTWMamoru Ref FULL by ShizukaTWKeiko Line-art Used by ShizukaTWWolf Warriors Elemental Spiece by ShizukaTWWHTB Characters Old Profiles Part 1 by ShizukaTWWHTB Characters Old Profiles Part 2 by ShizukaTW
Yeah, I do have really bad news, and it's about Russians and the government.

Sadly since 11 of September 2014 and now I cannot get to my DA page by using my PC/laptop.

I've been looking for reasons why is that and I found that--....
The Federal Service of Supervision of communications, information technology and communications have blocked Deviantart in whole territory of Russian Federation, because of fiew hentai drawings and/or a picture of a man on the--..anyway the drawing looking in a suicidal way.

What's fucking wrong with them? Why do innocent artists have to suffer, even those there is a special filter of mature content? It's such a bullshit!! I can't just draw on pc and use phone to upload the drawings to the deviantart page!!

So if DA will stay in block list of Russian Federation then -...can anyone tell me any analogs of DA but international as well?

:new: Update:New:

Because I cannot login by using laptop and sooner or later I'll loose my chances to use DA via phones, I'll give you my other contact data

.Skype - keitarotgw
Tumblr - shizukatw,
Facebook - Dasha Gromova
How's it going, guys? ^^

Sorry this post isn't about me or art, but about a project where I'm a forum moderator.

There's gonna be new IT server game caller Impressive Wolfs. The problem is that we don't wanna use other IT servers stuff and make this game more original. So we're looking for those who can be and designer and 3D modeler.

Everyone who's interested check this link bellow.…
Yeah, I've started that at summer for Russians only but I thought to do so also with questions from you, suscribers/watchers. ^^

You can ask any character of mine any type of questions, exept those that might be spoiling the comics/stories.

Ask any of my characters anything, and they will respond !

So if you wonder, whats the point when you barely, or dont even know them? Well this is to GET to know them XD
Ask those you've seen so far, perhaps what their hobbies are? Fears? Dreams? "How do you react to- "....Basicly everything that won't spoil the plot is allowed I am a dummy!

I'll draw a sketch/black-white response of the characters and their honest reply :3
Also when asking such characters like Keitaro and Lewis as example take in mind that they may have other of their forms. :)


Darya Gromova
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