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Digita sketches commissions
My First Tablet Picture by ShizukaTW
YCH Auction by ShizukaTW by ShizukaTW
Premade sketch -  80 points - OPEN by ShizukaTW

Characters: (number of characters)
Pose(s): describe what would you like

Once I'll say "yes" then send me points via DONATION POOL or via PAGE.
Chibi commissions
AT with SandyNomad by ShizukaTW
WS Race Prizes by ShizukaTW
Chibi Kino by ShizukaTW

Characters: (number of characters)
Pose(s): describe what would you like

Once I'll say "yes" then send me points via DONATION POOL or via PAGE.
FH preset commission
Smile 8D by ShizukaTW

More examples here:…

Symmetrical preset - 100:points:
Assymmetrical preset - 150:points:
Animated (only animation) - 200:points:
Animated (with non moving markings) - 200:points:
With glowing markings - 200:points:
Transparent preset - 300:points:

Additional - mane (+30:points:)
Equip/wings - (+50:points:)
For the first 10 people (only those who are my watchers) who comment on this journal, I'll go to their gallery and pick three pictures that I like the most and feature them here!

If you comment, please do the same thing in your journal, and put me in the first feature slot! The idea is not to get a free feature, but spread the art around to everyone on DA to enjoy and love! 

The previous feature journal will be deleted due to that some people were cheating on that. :| And don't just comment here to feature you, I have a special D.A. program to see if you are actually watching me.

:new:Guys, don't just comment with random words or else those comments will be just replied but you won't get featured. If you wanna get featured then say so, but no random stuff like "awesome", "cool" ect.:new:

1) :iconpathea: .:: SPACE WOLF ::. by PatheaSecret Santa 2014 : Namu-the-orca by Pathea01 December : Angedecristal by Pathea

2) :iconohiteka: Back off by OhitekaAT: One of a kind by OhitekaG: Wolnir by Ohiteka

3) :iconzuko-kitty: Head Shots 'Creatures of Legend' by Zuko-KittyJayfeather by Zuko-Kitty*throws depressing stuff at you* by Zuko-Kitty

Yeah, this journal is gonna be huge since most of you (I mean deviantart members) don't pay quite much attention on my Art-Status, economical problems in the whole world ect.

First off I'm gonna start with the fact that people keeps messaging me if I could do PCms and ATs even though I CLEARLY MENTIONED my status IN MY OLD PC PRICES.
If you think that I'm a robot that doesn't have other arts to finish in the first place, and as if I don't have the real life problems, then go and scam someone esle. I'm just sick 'n' tired of such people. I can barely work on other drawing due to a virus in laptop and in CD disk where I keep most of my drawing (no matter finished or unfinished), small ammount of memory on laptop, exams and check-out of the diploma works by director of our lyceum. You should understand even the fact that after fiew weeks I have to find some place where I'll work as the actual worker, not as practicant.
You should propably understand that I have also huge to do list that I need to finish before I'll start making new drawing, not to mention the comic pages that I and Kate are doing about 1 page per month. 

Now it goes to those who keeps whining as if I sell my designs, fonts, bases and doing commissions for expensive prices. Well I'm sorry but it's not my fault that the whole world have an infliation.
Also, if you are such slowpokes, and it was mentioned on DeviantArt for a lot of times, that 1$ is equal 100:points:. So before being a total piece of shit complaining that the font cost 80:points: and designs 30-150:points:, max price for fully detailed drawing was 250 back at 2014, use your math skills and count in dollars how much do I get in total, especially when D.A. takes about 10% of points to the developing of the web-site (by using Commissions vidget).
So please stop being scums and stop complainging about that, I'm actually earning point less that minimal ammount of money for regular worker in Russia (and it's about 136$ according to the fact of how much dollar cost in Russia right now - about 64 rubbles for 1$). That's another reason why I closed commissions - because of low prices according to the current situation of money in the country and in the world.

Also I've wanted to say fiew words about MONEY commissions. Even though PCms were closed I was open for money commissions via Web-Money and even here you started complaining.
Lemme tell you that, there are a lot of reasong why I don't and I cannot have PayPal account to use for making commissions:

~Reason #1 - Card problems - It may sounds for you funny, but really what's the point on making the card right now, when my old lyceum card will be in no use within fiew weeks. And if I did the card then I'd have the money problems, since I'm still not working as the actual worker (not even earnin the minimal ammount of money). I mean I do not have money even for some instruments for me to finish the diploma work, and here - the money card. What's the point on making empty card and having huge money looses time by time? 

~Reason #2 - Accidents with refunds and prices - Most of PayPal users had the accident when someone commissioned them, they got the payment and once they finished the commission they got a mail with request of refund. And as far as I know there were at least 5 mebers who got such message of refund. That's one of those reasons. Another one is the prices for commissions. Yeah, it may sounds even more weird, but yeah - even for a drawing which I'd do at least for 3$ no one would buy it by complaining on how it's expensive for them.

~Reason #3 - Hackers - Another reason is the hackers that became quite active lately in the middle of 2014. All of us knows prefectly that day by day hackers become more progressive when admins of those money-keeping-websites become more lazier day by day and don't care about their members and victims. And PayPal (as I've heard) became quite popular because of those hackings.

~Reason #4 - Types of cards - Yeah, it's actually the same as the #1 and #3 but it's mostly about the type of cards. As I've read on Wikipedia, PayPal accepts such cards like MasterCard, AmericanExpress, ect. But the point is that one of those cards is quite expensive in territory of Russia and not that much russians use it for shopping because of the problems. I cannot say if anything of the nest following text is true, but I've heared from various people that their card were hacked not by someone else, but from the company itself. By that I mean that the company took way much money from their clients than it should. Even there were accident when someone was going to use their cards to get money in physical form and when they were doing that, about 25% of money were stolen from the card and sent to the company without any notice.

The reason why I made Web-Money acount is because it's fully free to create and doesn't requires any payment, ect, not to mention that it's perfect to get payment for stuff from Russia, and also other countries of the world. But the main problem is "the pockets". By that I mean that if I was earning money, for example, from someone in Norway, then I have to make separacte "pocket" because of different type of money, and it goes to almost each valute of the world (Rus rubbles - russian "pocket", USD dollars - usd "pocket", ect).
But you know, if you wanna commission then you have to accept all those tems because there is no way I can make PayPal, lower prices ect.
It's the fact of living. If you think that I just make commissions and earn points just for fun, then you're wrong. By earning point I might commission someone whoom I might help (since they can change points into the web-money), and by earning money I'll at least will manage to earn money for living (especially taking the fact that my dad cannot work forever all alone, and my mom and grandmom are in need of medicine or money only just for visits at doctors).

And now about the prices and in point and in money - I still haven't got any suggestions from you about the prices. Once I'll get enough suggestions I'll try to make prices as cheap/normal as I can. So now PCms are still closed untill further notice.
As I've mentioned before I made a group for all comic makers and lovers :iconcomic-unity:. :3

Since most of groups are paying attention only for pro-made comics or made by one member, ect. But here, in my group, there won't be any such strick rules about the theme of your comic, category, skills - everything will be accepted. :)

Also you can get a folder for your own comic LITERALY FOR FREE. ^w^ More info you can find in my group, feel free to join. ^^
Yeah, this journal is about a massive art-thief who's "an admin" of animating site ect, but the point is that that brat stole art-works and animations from various members of D.A. and other web-sites.

As an exampe here's original author of one comic known as "Guardians" made by :iconakeli: and here's the page: Guardians Comic Page 34 by akeli
and here's the same page along with others stolen by the brat "admin":…

Backgrounds from animated crossovers made by :icondeannart:Animation 6 Background by DeannART
And here're stolen ones by the same member:…

I'm not even mentioning the arts on their facebook page (…)

But this "journal" of their's own quite shocked me:…

Ya know I'd say to that bitch to pay me money via mail, get rid off all stolen art-pieces and videos and kick her ass for her such asctions. :|

More info you can find here:  Stole my Wolf Rookie GID Manga as her own [FISHY]:new: My laptop is black screen issue yesterday so i used my phone. its at repaired shop now T-T
We were 1st shock from here This is my 4 pages manga have taken by her (with my da watermark, sadly cartoonist guy thinks its belong to her, which is mine, he never inform me since she post =( )
Her -Scam- commission 200 pages colour manga per month! Seriously?! XD Recent arts but those belong to blackmonkey team (see that logo) :
Okay, for now im getting feel fishy about her, when she removed my manga, ive double check on my works - but is it just me or she setting the private mode that we cannot see in public? When i check her gallery, theres hidden 136 photos where is stolen arts n animations folder, i click - none... Fishy... -
Here's her notes: http://st

:new: UPDATE :new:

After several warnings from various artists that brat deleted only fiew deavinations and deleted previous stuff.

BUT now she made her settings in private mode, and not only that - she also reuploaded her "looking for animators stuff" here --->…

Also more facts about that brat in comments in both mine and Kryst journals


As Kryst said the problem with that brat is solved now. That guye deleted some of the art-works but still I'd kept an eye up
I don't know if there was such tag/meme before, but I'll give a try.

The point of this tag that if you comment here with at least 3 characters of yours (or that I'll pick up) I'll put their pics in journal here and link to the picture of the character with whoomI associate your OC and maybe I'll even decribe why.
But then you have to do the same with the characters I choose or you choose as I was the tagger.



Darya Gromova
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